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Your'e only as emotionally intelligent as people experience you being - Genos International

Genos International invested 20 years of research in identifying a specific set of 42 behaviours that are responsible for driving an emotionally intelligent impact. The good news is that pretty much every leader ALREADY has many of those behaviours as a standard part of the way they behave day to day. In all likelihood, it is these behaviours that got them into their leadership positions in the first place. So, every one of us already has many of the behavioural seeds in our default behaviour.

But equally, none of us are perfect, and we all fail to demonstrate some of the behaviours that would dramatically improve our impact. But don’t worry: our experience shows that it is not necessary to assimilate every one of those emotionally intelligent behaviours to raise the level of our impact upon the people who work for us. Even changing one or two of these key behaviours can have a dramatic impact.

Think of emotional intelligence as being like a kaleidoscope. In a kaleidoscope, a series of mirrors set at angles to one another create fascinating fractal patterns when they reflect the tiny coloured beads that share the tube with them. Each bead is reflected by each of the mirrors – and each of the mirrors also reflects the reflection of the reflection, and the reflections of the reflections of the reflections – and so on. So, if you twist the tube and shift even one bead you change its reflection, and the reflection of its reflection, and so on – then the entire pattern changes dramatically.

Your working environment is just like that – each of your behaviours is like one of those coloured beads, and each of the people who work for you are like mirrors: they are affected by every one of your behaviours. How they are affected by your behaviour is reflected back to you and to every other member of your team that they deal with day to day. The reflections, and the reflections of the reflections of your behaviours are felt throughout your team (to understand more about the way everything you do and say affects EVERYONE around you should read ‘Connected’ by Christakis and Fowler).

So, if you change even one small thing about the way you behave in your interactions with your team it is reflected all around the team (and the world at large) – potentially having a dramatic effect on the way you are perceived.

Assimilating even one or two of the observable emotionally intelligent behaviours measured by the Genos emotional intelligence assessment could have a dramatic effect on the impact you have on your people and the extent to which they engage with you and their jobs to contribute superior results.

But how do you know which of those behaviours are already part of the default way in which you show up’, and which you need to work upon?

You must ask those who work for you to tell you what behaviours you demonstrate to them day-to-day – and that’s what Genos assessments do. Our Emotional Intelligence assessments measure ‘Demonstrated Emotional Intelligence’ – how you ‘show up’.

Join Deiric McCann from the main stage at EQ Connects to learn how you can understand how you currently ‘show up’ and ways you can dramatically impact how others experience you.

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