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The World Needs Women Leaders: A Six Seconds case study illustrating how holistic therapy can help

A small group of female L&D professionals in Peru came together with a common goal: Expand their professional toolkit by becoming certified to administer the SEI, an emotional intelligence assessment used with over 250,000 people around the world. In their work as executive life coaches and organizational consultants, they wanted the SEI to take their practice to the next level.

The experience they ended up having, however, was much, much bigger.

They learned the secret that great leaders have known for centuries: Making effective change starts from the inside. To teach others about measuring and improving their performance and goals, they had to start with themselves.

Over a 6-month period, each of the women experienced a radical shift in both their own emotional intelligence and their life outcomes – like relationships, effectiveness and quality of life – that are driven by EQ.

At the end of the 6-month process, the data from their post-assessments showed remarkable growth – and the women reported feeling more intentional, more purposeful, and more empowered to get the results they want at home and at work.

Extensive research has found that over 55% of the variation in these Life Outcome scores is predicted by emotional intelligence scores. Unsurprisingly, considering the jump in their overall EQ scores, the women experienced big increases in their life outcomes, including an average increase of 22.7% on Quality of Life.

On average, the women experienced an average increase of 21.5% in overall EQ scores over the 6-month period. This overall EQ score is an aggregate of their scores on the 8 competencies of the Six Seconds Model of EQ.

Even more powerful than the data are the women’s own words about their transformational process:

“Through this process, I learned to navigate my emotions instead of rushing through them, which has allowed me to create more meaningful connections with my family, friends and clients.”

“An invaluable opportunity to look below the surface, into my patterns, and understand how they impact the results I get.”

“I learned to understand the powerful messages of my emotions, and to leverage them to energize and inspire others.”

Full case study available on the Six Seconds website.

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