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At the Heart of Leadership - Six Seconds Book Giveaway

We have 25 Heart Of Leadership books to give away for people who register and pay to attend EQ Connects from now until the 20th September.

Where other books tell you about emotional intelligence, this book provides the roadmap to put it in action. Includes case for EQ, background, and detailed explanation of the Six Seconds EQ Model and how to use it to improve leadership.

263 pages, softcover (retail: $19.95)

Six Seconds – 4th Edition, Revised and Updated: 2019

If you’re attending EQ Connects, you can receive a 30% discount on Unlocking EQ and EQ Practitioner Certification. Join Unlocking EQ for one day or go deeper with a four day programme to experience an EQ learning environment and a range of effective tools and processes that strengthen emotional intelligence.

We believe in the value of understanding and practising emotional intelligence for self before helping others professionally; this is why we encourage people to join Unlocking EQ as a first step in their EQ journey. There are many routes thereafter yet the Practitioner Certification remains the firm favourite for people who want to help themselves and others in a meaningful way.

With these courses you don’t just get to know about EQ, you get to do it in a practical, purposeful way.

This special offer is for EQ connects attendees only and offers Unlocking EQ for £245 (saving £107) or the four day EQ practitioner including Unlocking EQ for £1680 (saving £900).

When you certify with Six Seconds you’re joining a global network of people committed and able to use EQ for good. Join Us!

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