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Paul Cheetham & David Corcoran

We all come alive with the sound of music! 

How the power of music and song can be a gateway to the wisdom of our emotions.


Paul Cheetham and David Corcoran will help you unlock the power of music. Drawing on personal and professional experience, Paul and David can help you be more deliberate in choosing music to work for you.


Music can enhance your emotional intelligence. Through exploring models from Six Seconds in combination with your musical experiences, you can discover the wisdom within your emotions and consciously harness music to help you get to where you want to be. 


During the session we will:

  • Explore the power of music

  • Examine the features of your chosen songs and their impact

  • Look at how you use music or how it uses you!

  • Delve into the wisdom and purpose of emotions

  • Help you consciously choose the ‘soundtrack of your life’

About Paul Cheetham

With over 30 years in HR and employee wellbeing across a range of sectors, it’s fair to say I have been around the block a bit.

In the middle of a bloody pandemic, I took the decision to leave my days as an employee behind me, to start running my own business on a full-time basis.

As a qualified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner, Assessor and Coach, I now coach people in business, as well as working with teams and organisations.  All of these things are marinated in my own special 'emotional intelligence' sauce.  I love to help people become more purposful, successful and happy in life and by doing that, help create success for their organisation.

I love kindness, puns, being a grandad to Phoebe and, oh yes, a bit of karaoke now and again!

About David Corcoran

With over 20 years of experience in music as an Opera Singer, and a former school-boy trumpeter, I have been in plenty of Operas, bands and had musical moments that have changed my life. Music is such a powerful tool, not just for enjoyment but it can really enhance your energy and open your emotions. 


As a former Opera Australia soloist who performed over 500 times at the Sydney Opera House, I now help executives to speak and perform in their domains as an Executive Voice Coach. Combined with my skills in voice, I have a background in Psychology, Human Resources and am also a qualified 6 Seconds EQ Practioner and Assessor. It is this powerful combination of experiences and tools that help me to live my noble goal 'to provide a space where others can grow and develop.’ 


I believe everyone should allow music into their lives, to help them unlock their emotions and create the life of their dreams.


EQ Connects is a one of a kind, immersive conference that focuses on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the tangible benefits that developing your EQ can bring to your self and your organisation.

The 2022 conference takes place 10th May at Edgbaston Park Hotel, Birmingham UK. 

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