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emotional intelligence in a complex world

10 May 2022

Edgbaston Park Hotel | Birmingham | UK

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The Emotional Intelligence Conference

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World Class Inspirational Speakers & Thought Leaders

Over 200 Business Leaders

& Coaches

Fun, Experiential Sessions to strenghthen EQ Practice

EQ Connects is a one of a kind, immersive and experiential conference that focuses on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the tangible benefits that developing your EQ can bring to yourself and your organisation.

Our increasingly complex and uncertain world is demanding increased capability, not just in skills and knowledge, but in how to navigate change and stress in relationships.  Developing emotional intelligence in leadership and teams can dramatically improve well-being and performance, increase productivity and drive success.

EQ Connects is an opportunity for business leaders and coaches to gather together in the UK to share ideas, experiences and research, to discover new tools and fresh thinking about emotional intelligence and explore the tangible benefits of developing EQ both personally and professionally. 

Be there...

The event will be a LIVE (in person) event, offering delegates the opportunity to reconnect in a Covid-secure live environment. You can also join us on the night prior to the conference for an informal drinks reception and 3 course dinner.

Following the conference, our partners will be offering a series of courses and workshops, allowing you to become a qualified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. Full details here.


Release 1:  Super Early Bird

£145+VAT (Only 30 left)

Release 2: Early Bird

£195+VAT until end of February

Release 3: Full Price




Join us the night prior to the conference for a fun and inspiring evening. 

A fantastic opportunity to connect with the other delegates ahead of the event.

Informal drinks reception followed by a 3 course dinner. 


* Full access conference tickets include access to all of the conference sessions, exhibition, learning lunch and post-conference drinks reception. 

EQ Connects is fully accredited through the CPD Certification Service. Attendance will generate CPD points and all delegates receive a certificate as evidence for their records.


EQ Connects: supporting individuals and organisations to increase learning and skills.



Emotional Quotient (EQ), otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a learnable, measureable skillset that fuels better effectiveness and wellbeing - resulting in improved quality of life and productivity.

Discover how to improve performance, and add value to your organisation through developing EQ in your business.

WHY me?

Emotionally intelligent people have excellent leadership skills. They have high standards for themselves and set an example for others to follow. They take initiative and have great decision making and problem-solving skills. This allows for a higher and more productive level of performance in life and at work.

WHY now?

Emotional Intelligence is becoming increasingly recognised as THE most important skill in our turbulent, disrupted, fast changing and ever more complex world.


EQ is considered to be the differentiator between good and great leaders - between those businesses which will succeed and those which will not.

WHY EQ Connects?

EQ coach, learn EI


Gain insight to yourself and others, become more aware of your EQ and how your thinking and feeling impacts outcomes.

Discover the power of intention - EI


Understand and appreciate the choices you have to apply emotional intelligence in your life and work. Become deeply aware and intentional as you practise EQ skills in a safe and supportive space.

Meet, connect and network with other EI Practitioners


Meet and connect with many others who have an interest in how emotional intelligence can improve performance and wellbeing. 

Understand the impact you want to have on colleagues, friends, employees and kids


Apply what you know and how you respond to what you want to achieve. Embed skills of emotional Intelligence everyday, knowing your purpose and feeling connected to the outcomes

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